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  • Right beside you in a claim
  • International capability

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La Playa: Insurance with Intelligence

Our specialty insurance practicess:

Science & Technology Insurance

Artificial intelligence, fintech, IT, medtech, life science and more. The worlds of science & technology are ever-evolving, fast-moving and disruptive, and only the right protection can provide you the freedom to create and innovate for a better tomorrow.

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Media & Digital Insurance

Digital media enjoys global influence - and global risk. With a deep understanding of media from film and TV to marketing, advertising, publishing, bloggers and influencers, we provide the insurance and advice you need to protect your creative business.

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Fine Art Insurance

From fine musical instruments to priceless works of art, collectors, galleries and dealers - fine art requires expert security and protection. An investment and a reflection of you at the same time, securing your fine art pieces with our specialty insurance is not only a priority, but a necessity.

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Arts & Entertainment Insurance

Arts venues and presenters, orchestras, dance schools and tour companies - La Playa provides a tailored insurance solution to ensure a safe space for your organisation’s creative endeavour.

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...from an expert who understands you

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Specialist insurance for your world

Right beside you in a claim

Boutique-style service:
right beside you when you make a claim

International capability

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Our Contracts

  • Specialist wordings to reflect specific risks
  • Broader coverage with fewer exclusions
  • Flexible protection

Our Underwriters

  • They're specialists too
  • Rock solid financial strength
  • Global knowledge & support

Our Delivery

  • Expert advice and support all year-round
  • Intelligently managing client risk
  • Trust at the heart of all we do


What our clients say

The La Playa Way:
Personal Risk Concierge

What does “Boutique Service” actually mean?


Careful listening to really understand your needs and priorities


As much help as you need with completing forms to provide risk information


A discreet and complimentary appraisal* to assess the risks and ensure you have the right coverage where you need it


An independent market review - so you don’t have to shop around comparing policies, cover limits, risks covered and smallprint exclusions


Careful monitoring of the carriers’ financial strength, claims and customer service


An independent recommendation of the best policy for you - and why


Specialist policy wordings from underwriters who have demonstrated excellence and deep understanding of your risk exposures. We have analyzed a wide range of policy wordings and have selected only the best for our panel. Our advisors have a deep working knowledge of these policies


An intelligently designed portfolio of protection across multiple asset classes, liabilities and territories


Advice on how best to manage your risks - to keep you safe but also to keep insurance costs down


A dedicated advisor so you can speak to the same person each time.


Expert guidance on valuations, security and risk management, and connecting you with specialist advisors and suppliers


Direct phone and email access to your adviser for questions and advice.


Policy documents emailed to you - no logins and passwords to remember


An advocate beside you if you make a claim - thinking laterally to mitigate the impact, making useful connections to get you back up and running, and driving through a swift financial settlement

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