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If music is your passion or your livelihood, you need to protect what matters – your instruments, by getting a comprehensive musical instrument insurance policy.

Stradivarius, Guarneri, Amati, Steinway, Monteleone - if your musical instrument is lost or damaged, it’s not just the replacement or repair cost that hurts – it’s the lost gigs too. That’s why our comprehensive insurance for musical instruments also provides for the cost of a temporary replacement so the show can go on.

At La Playa, we provide a comprehensive range of musical instrument insurance policies for dealers, musicians, collectors, makers, and repairers.

From violins to fortepianos, musical instruments are works of art and an important part of our cultural heritage. We specialise in insuring instruments owned by individual musicians, orchestras, private collectors, and instrument dealers, including inventory, stock on consignment and on loan. Our international performing arts experience means we understand you well and speak your language.

Our musical instrument insurance clients typically face challenges with:

  • Damage in transit or on tour
  • Instruments being lost or stolen
  • Heat or water damage to varnishes - and then depreciation following a repair

Getting the right musical instrument insurance cover gives you peace of mind - especially if the instrument is on loan or consignment.

What does our musical instrument insurance cover?

We can protect your instruments at home, on stage, on tour, in rehearsal, in transit and on loan.

Our musical instrument insurance policy covers:

  • Worldwide coverage with no restrictions on how long you can travel
  • Commercial insurance for restorers and dealers
  • All risk coverage, including theft, flood, loss, fire and accidental damage
  • Coverage in transit and at home
  • Coverage for depreciation following repair
  • No deductible pay
  • No time restrictions on loaned musical equipment
  • No claims bonus with discounts of up to 20%
  • Choosing your own repairer
  • Boutique-style service and advice

As a team of music insurance experts, we understand a musician’s needs and working life, so we can tailor our insurance that suits your specific needs.

Why choose La Playa?

Fine musical instruments, especially rare violins by master makers are exposed to a unique range of risks, making it vital to work with a specialist broker who really understands your work. We provide expert advice and support on musical instrument insurance and help you make the right insurance decision.

With our wealth of experience and knowledge around insuring musical equipment and instruments, we understand the special bond between musicians and their instruments. You can rely on us to protect you from the financial impact of a loss, recover your position and get you playing again swiftly.

We offer the highest quality coverage at a competitive price, protecting your most prized assets. Additionally, we’re relentless and always strive to find the right solutions for your musical equipment, regardless of the type of instrument and music you’re involved in.

Your musical instrument insurance policy

We offer different types of musical instrument insurance policies and what you choose depends on numerous factors, including the type of instrument. Some of our options include:

  • General liability: covers you for legal liability in the event that you damage third party property or injure someone
  • Equipment cover: covers accidental damage, loss and theft of equipment from your home, studio or vehicle.
  • Worldwide cover

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our musical instrument insurance policies. Our friendly specialist brokers are happy to explain every cover in detail before helping you decide the right policy for your instrument.


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