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If you make your living in the digital world as a vlogger, blogger or online publisher, you’ll need to protect both your reputation and business from expensive lawsuits. You face numerous risks, including allegations of copyright infringement, breach of privacy, libel and defamation of character that could be costly to defend and a serious threat to your business.

Shoring up your business against the financial impact of these risks could be as simple as purchasing a comprehensive blogger insurance or influencer insurance policy, which is where La Playa comes in.

We’re insurance specialists focused on providing for each blogger insurance cover that performs when they need it to. This ensures accidents, mistakes and mis-steps don’t become life-threatening for your business, or distract you from producing the content that your audience needs.

Why do you need blogger insurance?

Over the past decade, blogging has grown from a simple form of expression to a sustainable source of income for many people. The increased reach for professional blogging has also seen an increase in lawsuits and claims. Big ticket contracts have raised the stakes even further.

Today, there are many more court cases against bloggers and vloggers than five or ten years ago. Since most bloggers and influencers work independently, they may have a limited understanding of laws and regulations in different territories, causing them to end up in hot water.

That’s why content creators need to work with media-savvy insurance specialists like La Playa. An insurance specialist provides not only expert advice around matters of law, but also offers efficient cover to protect your business from the costs of claims and lawsuits.

With your work being internet-based, you’re exposed to numerous liability risks, such as claims of libel and invasion of privacy - as well as risk relating to your contracts. This makes it crucial to have blogger insurance to bullet-proof your business and protect your interests.

What if...?

Whether you use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or Instagram, these risks apply to you:

  • You forget to disclose a post as being sponsored
  • You get facts wrong when talking about products or celebrities, or offend someone
  • You post images without the right permissions and licenses
  • You don't have an effective privacy policy, or your subscribers' data isn't safe
  • You post someone else's content yet you don't own the copyright
  • You post information that negatively affects another business or individual

One word that nobody wants to hear around content creation is 'lawsuits'. However, when it comes to the digital world, they’re on the increase in both frequency and size.

We live in a litigious society where anyone can sue at the drop of a hat, making your blogger or influencer business vulnerable to claims and lawsuits 24/7 in an arena that’s global.

When you create content for hundreds or thousands of people online, there’s a good chance someone will find something they consider actionable. And, if you don’t have blogger insurance in place, fighting a court case could mean significant financial losses that hit your business hard.

At La Playa, we understand the risks and pressures you face in social media and content creation, and we can help you build resilience with smart, high-performance insurance cover.

Standard blogger insurance policy cover

As experts in influencer insurance, our insights have enabled us to design comprehensive cover to safeguard your business. Our standard policy cover includes:

  1. Defamation: in case you post information that injures a third party’s reputation; they could claim hatred, ridicule, scorn, false statement or harm
  2. Intellectual property infringement: the violation of intellectual property such as copyright material (music, images), trademarks, and trade secrets
  3. Breach of confidentiality: you might inadvertently disclose private information to a third party without the owner’s consent
  4. Breach of license: in case you fall foul of your license obligations
  5. Negligence: you might accidentally post information that results in financial loss or damage to someone else

In addition to these, there are many other claims a third party can file against you, so you need an insurance policy that’s built around general liability and professional liability to give you a “fighting fund” to cover costs and damages.

If you’re not sure which policy to buy, our specialist brokers are happy to guide and advise you. We’ll assess the risks you face as a blogger or influencer in your particular field and develop a tailor-made policy that meets your insurance needs.

Why La Playa?

  • Expert guidance and advice on blogger insurance and influencer insurance
  • Tailored insurance solutions
  • Comprehensive range of covers to protect your business from a wide variety of risks
  • Specialists who speak and understand your language
  • Ready to make your business financially resilient?

    Get in touch with us today to discuss your blogger insurance needs. We have policies that are tailored to your requirements and we think you’ll like working with us.


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